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Autodidact Institute is the teaching arm of the conglomerate, Paula The Institute provides educational services, instruction, lectures, games, events, and workshops for individuals,  groups, museums, schools, and universities.

Artist Paula Lalala at Montclair State University, photo by Mike Peters
Artist Paula Lalala at Montclair State University, photo by Mike Peters

The pedagogic philosophy of the Institute is that education is in essence exposure, that there are numerous hierarchies of knowledge each functioning in its appropriate context, and that learning is a lifelong pursuit everyone is engaged in.

Hangman Poster 2014

The Institute evolved out of the teaching and learning practices of contemporary artist, Paula Lalala.  

Images of work generated by participants at International Cultural Lab workshop, 2015 :

In 1988, Paula along with her partner, Jack, chose home education as the best option for their family.  Their family practiced what is today referred to as Unschooling.

For many years Paula has participated in a women artists’ group, W.A.M.E.R. (Women Artists Meeting Eating and Reading). Furthering the self-directed learning of its participants is one purpose of this affiliation.

Believing that art is a vital, living experience which can communicate directly and has the potential to disrupt and expand human consciousness, Paula has frequently sought audiences for her work who are not “art seekers” or “art educated”. She thinks that to varying degrees everyone is an artist.

photo by eva from fridge fest
Detail from a public parade, Philadelphia, 2005 (photo by Eva Melas)

Over the years Paula has given talks and has led workshops at museums, universities, studio spaces, and galleries.

Wheel of Fortune Project
Carnival of Connectivity Collective, Photo by Sasha Chavchavadze

Carnival Of Connectivity Collective

Paula also considers travel to be an important educational tool.


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